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Traditional Massage

Traditional Massage

All Ways Natural is a preeminent Massage Therapy Company specializing in relaxing and soothing massage as well as massage for pain relief and body aches. At All Ways Natural it is our philosophy to help you rejuvenate yourself naturally. Our therapists are highly trained and take time to understand your concerns. Give us a try: we are confident that you will notice our difference. 

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New! - Warm Bamboo Massage
Experience the luxury of a Deep Tissue or Swedish Massage with warm, luxurious bamboo sticks for an exotic and deeply relaxing and rejuvenating full-body experience. Incredible for relieving stress!  $80 1-hr • $110 1½ hrs
Traditional Swedish Massage
A complete traditional rhythmic body massage using four or more techniques while applying light to firm pressure working toward the heart. This technique, developed by Peter Hendricks Ling in the early 1800s, uses kneading, stroking, tapping and shaking to encourage the body to relax. It relieves soreness and swelling and promotes rehabilitation after injuries. Relaxes and energizes while improving circulation and muscle tone.  $40 ½-hr • $60 1-hr • $85 1½ hrs
Swe-Thai Massage
This unique, highly therapeutic massage accesses the body’s full range of motion utilizing Thai-style biomechanical techniques and acupressure points with Western-style soft-tissue massage. Improves flexibility while promoting extreme relaxation.  $130 1½ hrs
We also offer Therapeutic and Specialty Massage!
“The Bamboo massages offered by All Ways Natural are simply divine.
- Eddie Collins, Entrepreneur                                                                                 
“I’ve had Swedish, Deep Tissue, Thai, Hot-Stone, and hands down, the Bamboo Massage is absolutely the best!”
- Pat Maher, Geologist


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