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Therapeutic Massage

Therapeutic Massage

All Ways Natural is a preeminent Massage Therapy Company specializing in Therapeutic Massage including Deep Tissue Massage, Trigger Point Therapy, Sports Massage, Medical Massage, and Meridian Massage. At All Ways Natural it is our philosophy to help you rejuvenate yourself naturally. Our therapists are highly trained and take time to understand your concerns. Give us a try: we are confident that you will notice our difference.

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Deep Tissue Massage
This popular form of massage uses firm to extra firm pressure and is applied with greater pressure on deeper muscles. It is used to release chronic muscular tension. Deep Tissue massage generally focuses on specific areas of the body with some major muscle groups covered (1 hour minimum) or as a complete body massage while working on specific areas that require attention. (1 to 1½ hours). An excellent stress reliever! $40 ½ hr • $70 1-hr • $100 1½ hrs

Trigger Point Therapy
Combines deep-tissue work, while concentrating on releasing tightness in specific areas or trigger points (knots) within your muscles. Our therapists use finger pressure on sensitive “trigger points”, which are released to increase blood flow and promote healing. Excellent for recurring muscle spasms, soreness and injuries.
$45 ½ hr • $80 1hr • $110 1½ hrs • $150 2hrs

Sports Massage
Sports Massage uses a wide variety of massage techniques to release sport-specific muscle soreness and help repair minor injuries. Sports massage is designed to ease muscle strain and promote flexibility. It is most effective when applied before or after exercising. Known to improve athletic performance and decrease recovery time.
$40 ½ hr • $75 1 hr • $110 1½ hrs • $140 2 hrs

Medical Massage
Techniques such as sustained pressure, friction and long broad strokes are applied to address specific areas of pain, imbalance and discomfort. Superb relief and recovery potential for both chronic and acute physiological challenges. $45 ½ hr • $80 1 hr • $110 1½ hrs • $150 2 hrs

Meridian Massage
A unique on-the-floor massage working with the 12 major meridian groups. This popular Chinese massage uses gentle to firm pressing and specialized stretching techniques. Pressure is applied to specific acupuncture points for three to ten seconds each, unblocking stagnation and promoting energy flow through the body’s energy channels (meridians). Restores balance to internal organs, and nourishes and tones muscles by increasing circulation and energy flow. Effective for removing blockages that cause discomfort and disease, gentle but thoroughly therapeutic. You will feel relaxed and uplifted. Wear loose fitting comfortable clothing. $70 1 hr • $100 1½ hrs

We also offer Traditional Massage and Specialty Massage!

Ever since I started receiving massage from All Ways Natural,
I no longer have shoulder pain, Thank You Vickie!

- Steve Macht, Entrepreneur, Marketer


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