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Specialty Massage

Specialty Massage

 All Ways Natural is a preeminent Massage Therapy Company offering specialty massage including Aromatherapy Massage & Aroma-Color Massage utilizing aromatherapy and Color Therapy – two proven healing modalities. Experience deep relaxation and rejuvenation with these soothing massages. At All Ways Natural it is our philosophy to help you rejuvenate yourself naturally. Our therapists are highly trained and take time to understand your concerns. Give us a try: we are confident that you will notice our difference.

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These massages are truly a luxury for all senses!

Signature Aromatherapy-Massage
Each client selects from one of our six distinctive aromatherapy oil blends, each with unique therapeutic benefits, which we then combine with our traditional Swedish, Deep Tissue or Bamboo massage*. Includes our especially selected music for balancing and harmonizing your body’s energies. *Bamboo massage available at additional cost
$40 ½ hr • $70 1 hr • $100 1½ hrs

Signature Aroma-Color Massage
Experience our signature Swedish or Deep Tissue massage combined with aromatherapy and color therapy for a rejuvenating whole-body experience. Select from one of our six unique  ignature oils and nine therapeutic colors. Includes our especially selected music for balancing  and enhancing your body’s energy centers.  $75 1 hr • $110 1½ hrs

We also offer Traditional and Therapeutic Massage!

The best massage I ever had. All Ways Natural has helped me alleviate
 the pain from my sore muscles.

- Laurie Nugent, Real Estate Broker

All Ways Natural gives the best massage in Palm Beach County!
- Ric LaCivita, Radio Producer


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