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All Ways Natural is one of Palm Beach County’s top massage companies offering some of the most unique healing & massage therapies including color therapy and aroma-color massage. Enjoy these therapies at All Way’s Natural’s Juno Beach, Florida spa, or in your home and office.

What is Color Therapy?

Color therapy uses color and light to affect the energetic properties of your mind, body and spirit. Color is a therapeutic and vibrational healing modality that stimulates the body’s senses. It provides feelings of beauty and joy. It is a powerful tool for personal exploration and change, and is known to inspire action.

The effects of color on health have been studied by scientists for years. Color can be described as light-visible radiant energy of specific wavelengths. When the energy of color enters our body, it stimulates the pituitary and pineal glands, which have been found to have a direct influence on our thoughts, moods and behavior. Color has been known to stimulate and excite, to ease stress, and even to alleviate pain and other physical problems.  

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The best massage I’ve had is with All Ways Natural. I recommend
All Ways Natural therapists to my friends and family every time.

- Luca Lazarre, Mother




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