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Aromatherapy is an ancient form of healthcare that uses naturally extracted aromatic essences from plants (plant oils, including essential oils) to improve health and well-being. Dating back 5,000 years, this art and science balances, harmonizes and promotes the health of mind, body and spirit by enhancing your innate healing process.

Select from one of our six distinctive organic aromatherapy oil blends, each with unique therapeutic and healing benefits:

Refreshes and stimulates your body, and uplifts your spirits; an energizing blend of bergamot, neroli and lime.

Stressed? Relax and calm your senses at the end of the day and restore balance; a blend of geranium, tangerine and sandalwood.

Revives and energizes your senses; a blend of lemon, mint and frankincense.

Very grounding, yet surprisingly energizing. This blend of lemon, lavender and Clary sage is also great for reducing the toxicity from environmental pollution.

Soothes tense muscles and helps you unwind into a relaxed state; a blend of juniper, wintergreen, cajuputand lavender.

Warm, romantic, exotic. Set a sensual mood for the mind, body and spirit; a blend of ylang ylang, rosewood and winter cherry.

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Simply put the best massage I’ve ever had!
- Amy Collazo, Emergency Room Tech

This was the best massage I ever had! I recommend All Ways Natural
to all my friends and family.

- Kathleen Thornton, Mother


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